Requirements To Become A Fellow Tynee

  • Minimum of 14 years old

  • Need to be able to pick up advanced choreography quickly

  • Good performer

  • Interest in learning how to teach/being a choreographer/being a professional dancer

  • Must be willing to travel

  • Need to submit a video of themselves dancing in class or to their own choreography

  • Taped or written response as to why you want to assist with Casie

What You Receive As A Fellow Tynee

  • Exclusive one-on-one sessions with Casie learning new choreography

  • Creative freestyle sessions

  • Free article of clothing from Casie's clothing line, Goshow Yourself

  • Assist Casie teaching at various events around the country

  • One-on-one time focusing on planning short term & long term goals


On set of a music video as featured dancers & assistants.

Casie teaching at dance convention

Opportunities to assist at dance conventions & in-house intensives.


Mentees receive clothing from Tynee's line - Goshow Yourself.

Assisting at a dance convention - Wild Dance.


Create & film on choreography shoot.

"16 Shots" Concept Video